The NEW Mini Indy is coming soon!

Spring time of 2024 keep an eye out for Kart-Sauga!

It is in the heart of Mississauga – steps from Square One!

Our new track is located at 99 Rathburn Road, in Mississauga

Driver Restrictions

*You must be 11 years old and 54 inches tall to ride alone*

Double Riders – Free passenger, age 4-10 AND 36 inches tall only. *Drivers must have a full G class license to take a passenger*.  

Adult karts – Age 14 and up, with a minimum height of 54 inches tall.  

Junior karts – Ages 10 – 14 and 54 inches tall

Ontario TSSA Rules & Regulations

  • You must meet the age and height requirements.
  • Keep hands and feet inside at all times.
  • Approved Helmets must be worn (Mini-Indy provides helmets).
  • Hair longer than the shoulder length and loose clothing shall be secured.
  • Riders shall not operate a kart while under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
  • No smoking in karts or in the pit area.
  • No stopping, bumping, or swerving on the track.
  • Obey the attendant and stay in the kart until the ride is complete, and directed by an attendant to unload.
  • No rider shall act in a manner that may cause or contribute to injury to themselves or others.
  • Any violation will cause the rider to forfeit the remainder of the ride and may result in charges under the Technical Standards and Safety Act.