Our History

Our Origins

We originally always had 2 go-kart tracks. We once had a track at 99 Rathburn Rd in Mississauga, at the famous “Playdium”. As well, we were known as “Centennial Park Mini Indy”. Located in the heart of Etobicoke at Centennial Park. (575 Centennial Park Blvd). We proudly served the Greater Toronto Area for a long 36 years. Then due to COVID-19, Playdium shut its doors. Then 2023 came when we were forced to shut down the beloved Centennial Park Mini Indy. Since then, we were able to connect back to our former track in Mississauga. The building is no longer Playdium but is now called GYGO (Get Your Game On).

The Centennial Park Mini Indy held the record, for the longest go-kart in Canada, sitting at 2.6 km. The track featured 2 banked corners, 2 long straightaways, and a large bridge with 2 underpasses. Centennial Park Mini Indy was visited by generations of people and has been on the bucket list for many as well. The place where people came to have a good time, and even through parties is now unfortunately in the past.

Playdium was also known by many people but was a favorite of Mississaugian’s. Late nights with friends, having a blast. This was the place to be, in the heart of Mississauga. The Playdium track is 1.2 km long and featured a dual bridge with an underpass, sharp turns, and a long straightaway. Our Playdium track also featured the ultra-fast go-kart, known as “the leopard” They reached speeds of 35km/hr as a single-person kart. Unfortunately, due to the high cost of maintenance, the leopards were decommissioned from the fleet.

Currently, we now reside at our former Mississauga track. Our track is now known as Mississauga Mini Indy located at GYGO. 99 Rathburn Rd W, Mississauga, ON. L5B 4C1

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